Recycling Polymer-Coated Papers

Recycling polymer-coated paper, also known as poly-coated paper or plastic-coated paper, presents
unique challenges due to the combination of paper fibers and polymer coatings. The polymer
coating provides properties such as moisture resistance, grease resistance, and barrier protection,
making the recycling process more complex than traditional paper recycling.

Here are some key aspects related to recycling polymer-coated paper technology:


Material Separation

Polymer-coated paper waste needs to be separated from other types of paper and packaging materials during the collection and sorting process. This can be achieved through manual sorting or automated sorting systems that can identify and separate polymer-coated paper based on its specific characteristics.

Fiber Recovery

Once the polymer coating is removed or reduced, the paper fibers can be recovered for recycling. The de-polymerized paper can be processed similarly to traditional paper recycling, involving pulping, cleaning, and refining the fibers to create recycled pulp that can be used in the production of new paper products.

Innovation in Recycling Technologies

Our recycling technology is actively researching and developing new technologies to improve the recycling of polymer-coated paper. This includes advancements in de-polymerization techniques, efficient separation methods, and innovative processes to maintain the quality of recovered paper fibers.


The polymer coating on the paper needs to be removed or reduced to enable effective recycling. De-polymerization methods may involve chemical treatments, mechanical processes, or a combination of both. These methods aim to break down the polymer coating and separate it from the paper fibers.

Polymer Recovery or Upcycling

Depending on the type of polymer coating used, there may be opportunities for recovering or upcycling the polymer material. This involves separating the polymer from the paper fibers and processing it separately for reuse or conversion into other plastic products or materials.

Collaboration and Industry Initiatives

Our collaboration between stakeholders, including paper manufacturers, packaging companies, waste management organizations, and recycling technology companies, is crucial to drive progress in polymer-coated paper recycling. Industry initiatives and partnerships can help share knowledge, establish recycling guidelines, and promote the development of sustainable recycling practices.

It’s important to note that the recyclability of polymer-coated paper can vary depending on the
specific polymer coating used and the recycling infrastructure available in a particular region.
Some polymer coatings may be more challenging to recycle than others, and recycling options may
be limited in certain areas. However, our ongoing research and advancements in recycling
technology aim to overcome these challenges and improve the overall recycling rates of polymer-
coated paper.